The Lazy Girl's Guide To Nail Care

November 06, 2021

Nails can get overlooked in favour of hair and skin when it comes to pamper time

But pretty nails don’t take much work if you know the right secrets. In 7 years of at-home manicures, I’ve learned more than my fair share so I’m going to bestow them upon you!

Here are 4 minimally time consuming and easy nail care hacks to improve the appearance and health of your nails without even trying very hard.

Upgrade Your Nail File (-50%)

Get yourself a crystal nail file and you’ll find that shaping your nails takes half the time it would with the flimsy cardboard one that came inside a manicure kit someone got you for Christmas 2 years ago (I’ve been there, girl).
The glass nail files that you pick up in the drugstore should have a fine ‘grit’ which means they’re gentle on natural nails. You can tell if a file has a fine or coarse grit by just running your finger along it. If it feels ‘sandy’, it’s probably too coarse to use on the tips of your nails and can do more harm than good; so steer clear.

Lazy Girl’s Protip: You can run a crystal nail file through the dishwasher to clean it

I recommend: Mylee Crystal Nail File



Always Use a Base Coat (2 minutes)

Using a good base coat before you apply your colour will make your mani last longer and strengthen your nails while you go about your day. Win win! You only need a very thin coat and they tend to dry very quickly. By the time you’ve finished the 10th nail, the first one is dry and ready for your colour.

I recommend: OPI Nail Envy Original 

(While we’re here, top coat isn’t optional either. Treat yourself to some Seche Vite and you’ll wonder how you ever deprived yourself of the joy of a shiny, rock hard manicure!)



Moisturise Your Cuticles at Bedtime (3 minutes)

Most of us have some sort of nighttime routine that we can’t sleep without. Here’s how mine goes…

  • Moisturise face
  • Apply lip balm
  • Tie up hair
  • Plug in phone
  • Moisturise cuticles

I keep a few choice products on my nightstand so I can do it when I’m already snuggled in bed. I don’t like anything too greasy that’s going to make a mess of my bedsheets, so I go for Nail Butter or Sally Hansen Moisture Rehab.  Nail Butter takes a while to soak in but the Sally Hansen absorbs really quickly.

Generously apply your product to the cuticle area and massage it in. Repeat nightly until it becomes ritual!

I recommend: Nail Butter or Sally Hansen Moisture Rehab
UPDATE: So many of you are interested in Nail Butter but not so sure about the price so I got in touch with the company and now you can use code BUTTERSAURUS for 20% off at nailbutter.com/shop (valid until February 19th 2017). This isn’t an affiliate link and I don’t profit from any sales of the product. It’s just a great product!


Crush Those Cuticles! (6-10 minutes)

Most cuticle removers clock in at 1-2 minutes of waiting time. Sally Hansen’s Instant Cuticle Remover only needs 15 seconds to melt away any unwanted cuticle growth. You’ll also need a good tool to push them back and a brush to wash them away. Once you’ve found your flow and practised a few times, you could even get this whole routine down to less than 10 minutes.

It’s got to be: Sally Hansen Instant Cuticle Remover and a Stainless Steel Cuticle Pusher

Credit by: The Nailasaurus

Source: https://www.thenailasaurus.com/2017/01/lazy-girls-guide-to-nail-care.html

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